Think Different (TM)…………….. The City Different (TM)

Think Different – It worked for Apple. They rebuilt their brand on being different – being the alternative to Microsoft and IBM.

1984 mac ad


Santa Fe is the City Different – we embody the a better alternative lifestyle from the rat race of Silicon Valley.

We will do it our way – our mixture of learned lessons, best practices and Santa Fe flavor.


Community Resource Metrics:


Data & Information:




Food Variety & Cost:

Career Opportunities:

Nature and Recreation:


Access & Transportation Metrics:

Ped Score: Average sidewalk width. Bottlenecks analysis

Bike Score: Trails, lanes, racks, share

Traffic: Road network, time across major routes

Parking: Demand and supply,

COL v. Income:

Work Transit Score: % of jobs within public commute. 1/4 to 1/2 mile from transit stop.


Local Character:

Pride and Brand:


Tradition and History:

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