Local Success

Santa Fe and northern NM get shorted for their success stories.

We are not Silicon Valley, Austin or Boston… but for a combined metro of 150,000 the Santa Fe to Los Alamos punches above its weight for tech start-up development. Some technologies, companies and management change and evolve, but the engine is there. Some examples:

Santa Fe and LANL have developed a niche of infomatics companies with a variety emerging into boutique firms. While very specific and small in scale (due to local necessity) these companies serve very high dollar research for global companies. Areas include: drug discovery, logistics optimization, emergency management and high speed, complex arbitrage trading modeling systems.

CASA —-> Citibank funded Center for Adaptive Systems Applications focused on fraud and credit scoring. Eventually bought and incorporated into Fair Isaac Corps credit scoring mechanism.

Prediction Co —-> LANL & SFI spin-off. Attributed to be the first “quant trading platform”. Focused on arbitrage and complex trading of commodities. Prediction was bought by UBS and now is owned by a NY trading operation. Operations are still in Santa Fe with about 25 employees.

SF Partners —-> Spin-off from Prediction Co. Quant system analytics for investors. Active Santa Fe based boutique firm.

Bios Group —–> E&Y funded, SFI spin-off that reached 150 employees globally. BiosGroup was quietly located on Paseo de Peralta and had investments from major investments P&G and Ford. From the core group of partners and technologies, a decent number of spin-off developed, including:

Simtable¬† —–>Agent based modeling and mobile visualization of wildland fire behavior for fire fighters

Redfish ——> Agent based modeling company with application for crowd behavior and dynamic emergency management scenarios.

Qforma —-> Commodity Forecasting & Insurance Risk modeling. Recently merged with a social media mining company focused on marketing for insurance and medical clients.

e-Xchange Advantage —-> Stealthy high frequency trading volume company utilizing LANL physics application to markets and trading. Early fFacilitator of “black pool” trading.

Daylight —-> Drug discovery molecular prediction tools. Utilizing molecular design to speed drug discovery. HQ is in San Diego but most employees and research is done in Santa Fe.

Open Eye Scientific —> Drug discovery molecular prediction tools. Utilizing molecular design to speed drug discovery. Active and still located in Santa Fe.

Flow Science —-> Santa Fe based and growing. LANL developed algorithms for modelling liquid movement and combustion. PI & family owned company is regularly award as a “Best Place to Work” in NM.

Jana – SFI post-doc founded company that uses a cell phone based marketing and analytics platform. Jana¬† received some investment locally via Flywheel. They are now based in Boston and have access to over 2 billions cell phones users in the developing world. Watch… This will be the one that hits the home run.

They are out there. Just have to look.