Gen Y Summit Wrap Up and Take Aways

Great turn out across a bunch of sectors.

Four speakers from a forward thinking group of industries and opinions. All looking toward long term goals for Santa Fe.

Todd Clarke started with a demographic primer on Gen Y and Millennial trends. The office of today is a Starbucks with good wifi. Todd described global project meet-ups and lifestyle examples. He is involved in commercial real estate and presented a few recent projects in ABQ along near west side. Very transit oriented development and out performing market. Take away: Gen Y is mobile and with smaller footprint.

Shawn Patrick enticed the crowd with a vision of combining the strengths of Santa Fe and a best practices network from Silicon Valley. He is working with Creative Santa Fe to connect and cultivate new start-up initiatives. Shawn highlighted Santa Fe’s rich culture, global band, wealth, history, technical and creative workforce and our great lifestyle as opportunities to leverage into new generation platforms. Shawn is working to establish a new outpost of the Founders Institute, an entrepreneur and idea cultivator. Take away: we are ready, just need execution.

Mayor Javier Gonzales was inspired by the turn out…. And asked for help. Citing council priorities and restricted budgets, he pitched for support of the initiatives that are targeted at next generation start-ups. St Mikes, Siler and Railyard locations were pointed out for new initiatives. A few recent successes were touted including film projects, the MIX network building events and a workshop with Tony Hsieh and the Santa Fe Institute studying urban economic science and community investment. Take away: Stuff can happen – please help.

Dan Burrell presented a lesson or two from building a company in Santa Fe and how we can work together from Albuquerque to Los Alamos to make bigger things happen. He  recounted recruiting with the world class outdoor lifestyle, yet issues retaining and attracting young professionals. Dan also discussed the big thinking needs and his leadership on ca big community investment project in southern NM. Take away: use your strengths, know your weaknesses and work regionally.

All were inspiring.

A few takeaways or commonalities…

We need to developed our  workforce – digital generation workforce training – new methods of trade schools – see CNM model for SFUAD

Infrastructure needs: Railyard digital workspace to fill a void in the downtown start-up ecosystem. New higher speed is needed throughout.

Work regionally – ABQ to Los Alamos – most PhD.s per capita + most artistic city in US + ABQ Universities &  Workforce = a pretty good story.

Santa Fe is a brand. Use it and preserve it. We own the lifestyle category.

Gen Y is mobile and pedestrian. Santa Fe is not there yet. Develop master plan with neighborhood and regional scales.

We should not be chasing Tesla, we should be cultivating and scaling the local opportunities and strengths. Build Santa Fe Inc.


Great job by Western Horizons and Creative Santa Fe.

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