Chamber Reports

The Chamber’s Economic Development (sub) Committee met on September 24th with presentations from 5 major economic development initiatives occurring across Santa Fe. Chair Holly Bradshaw Eakes led the review.

Marie Longserre presented the Santa Fe Business Incubator’s stats and programs including the recent Start-Up Weekend led by Sean O’Shea. Other initiatives and events were covered.

Kate Noble presented the City’s initiatives and a few examples of results. BIZMix and the Velocity Project were highlighted as successful initiatives. #HowtoSantaFe was mentioned as well for creating buzz.

The County discussed a few programs and a focus on county wide arts promotion campaign.

The RDC reviewed the Venture Acceleration Fund (VAF) and this year’s awards.

Simon presented a few of the Chambers programs that are growing this next year.

SCORE was represented by Ray

The Small Business Development Center at the SFCC presented a list services that they provide to local businesses.




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